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Welcome to the Team Page of
Wells Fargo Stair Steppers

Wells Fargo Stair Steppers Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $6,000.00
Total Raised: $7,363.85

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 72
Members Recruited: 55

Join us in our efforts to support our team!

The 2017 OutClimb Cancer Challenge will be mark the 7th anniversary of the Well Fargo Stair Steppers. Since 2011, we have climbed the Wells Fargo Center 2,581 times and more importantly raised $42,341 for clean air and to help find a cure for cancer. Please join our team as a climber or sponsor in order to help us find a cure through outclimbing cancer!

Team Members:
Total Raised$7,363.85  
General Team Donation$1,530.00  
John Rosswog$1,395.00  
Rachel Eckman$1,038.85  
   Admir Aleksic$1,150.00  
   Dijana Aleksic$0.00  
   Megan Casper$0.00  
   Nathan Casper$0.00  
   Joe Chaffee$0.00  
   Natasha Cumberledge$0.00  
   Ashley Davis$0.00  
   Cindy Davis$0.00  
   Mack Davis$0.00  
   Hailee Eckman$15.00  
   Troy Eckman$0.00  
   Tyler Ercanbrack$0.00  
   Tanya Forrest$50.00  
   Jared Gleue$0.00  
   Pablo Granado$0.00  
   David Jasper$10.00  
   Dallin Johnson$0.00  
   Paula Larson$0.00  
   Jenny Lowe$0.00  
   Kristy Maxwell$0.00  
   Marisol Mendoza$0.00  
   Jennifer Mitchell$0.00  
   Todd Mitchell$0.00  
   Trisha Mitchell$0.00  
   Emily Nelson$115.00  
   Tyler Nelson$50.00  
   Michael Niermeyer$0.00  
   Nichole Niermeyer$0.00  
   Josh Pilcher$0.00  
   Brandon Plant$0.00  
   Kristen Powell$640.00  
   Jonathan Rabe$0.00  
   Janet Ramirez$0.00  
   Eva Rennemeyer$0.00  
   Karly Rennemeyer$0.00  
   Kathrin Rennemeyer$0.00  
   Kristy Rennemeyer$0.00  
   Aaron Rennnemeyer$0.00  
   Mitchell Rose$0.00  
   Frank Rosswog$0.00  
   Pat Ruff$160.00  
   Brandi Smith$0.00  
   Ben Sorcic$1,150.00  
   Amy Szarek$0.00  
   Shane Szarek$0.00  
   Beth Thomas$0.00  
   Krista Tse$0.00  
   Lehi Velasco$0.00  
   David Viator$0.00  
   John Vosnos$0.00  
   Milan Vukojevic$0.00  
   Devin Wood$10.00  
   Dawn Worthington$50.00  

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